What we have here folks is a bit of a re-skin of YnotPong. My wonderful brother SilentKay drew me an amazing picture of batman and the joker for Christmas so I decided to let his art influence mine. What I call my art is a form of a 30+ year old video game, but hey it's still pretty fun. From the background to the paddles it is all my brothers picture come to life. 

Download BatPong.exe


Hello and welcome to this years edition of Ynot's Christmas present. This is the second game brought to you by and personally this one I am proud of. It is good clean fun, a two player game with actual replay value. What happens when Pong and Air Hockey have a dirty love child in the world of Batman. Download YnotPong and find out. Yes it's still an exe. I'm still learning android and html 5 . We'll get there. Merry Christmas Ynot!

Download YnotPong.exe