Royal Mumble Ep11! This Fake Stuff Hurts (Wrestlemania)

The internet has blown up with Wrestlemania 33 Pods. But this isn't one of those I promise. Do the other pods talk about the whole weekend starting at the Hall Of Fame? (Probably) But do the other pods "sincerely" thank Molly Holly, know what is athletically fat, appreciate that they cleaned up Lita, think the O face is to much, love that New Day had a moogle, and are madly in love with the Hardy Boys. I think not. enjoy the ride and visit for more everything.  and check out YnotBlog for a slightly possible companion blog. 

Royal Mumble Ep8! Don't Come To Us For News (YnotPod Ep26)

Welcome to Royal Mumble, the most inconsistent wrestling podcast this side of the Mississippi. Actually this is YnotPod Ep26 so if you subscribe to both is the same. We needed to get a Mumble up and the last YnotPod had so much wrestling talk I figured Ynot. Just power through the politics and the wrestling will come. This was recorded 11-11-16 and some of the predictions are pretty nice.