YnotPod Ep18? Thank You Olympics for Beach Volleyball

I'm a Podcaster bitch, i thought you knew. Just like all the other Podcasters in my crew. The echo is gone, well most of it. If only Ynot could get enough freedoms to fly down from Florida to Buffalo to record in the luxurious TrueSilent studio. Once our big Audible.com ads start rolling in it should be no problem, here that Audible, um we're for sale. This episode is video game talk heavy and believe it or not, it's possible that there is no mention of Donald Trump in this one. And I want to give a quick special thank you to the Olympics and beach volleyball, you make my nights slightly less lonely. Other possible working titles; Smells Like Blood , More Child Labor , No Zika Please . I think i made a fine choice, I am really happy about the volleyball.