YnotPod Ep19? Royal Mumble Ep1! Summer Slam Edition (We love Charlotte)

Welcome to the debut of our "weekly" podcast Royal Mumble. The pod where we grapple with the topic of wrestling. Ya that slogan comes all the way around again and becomes exquisite. We are hosting episode 1 in YnotPod so you all can catch a taste, that and waiting for iTunes to do what ever it is they do while "reviewing" a podcast for submission into the store. This had to be posted somewhere before our brand new weekly podcast is a week late.  As always visit us at TrueSilent.com for our pods, blogs, and much more...ok not much more but a little more. Enjoy the pod!

We did it, we are officially a network. Welcome to http://www.truesilent.com 's second podcast Royal Mumble. We are not the most informative, we are not the smartest, and our "facts" are usually wrong, but we are the best. This is officially the Most unofficial WWE podcast. Lets just call us Podcast Entertainment. ... get the f out