YnotPod Ep10? Trump Rally (Buffalo,NY)

I don't believe it kids we made all the way to episode 10! and what better way to spend it than hearing the story of our very own Heezee's experience at the trump rally in good ol' Buffalo, NY. Nothing is better and I mean nothing is better than having a podcast, a great podcast, an amazing podcast. ( How does he do that, I forgot where I was going with this). Well sit back and enjoy an uneducated and probably very ignorant view of politics.  

YnotPod Ep2? Stage Fright (Urinal Edition)

In this weeks bite sized episode our heroes Heezee, Ynot, and myself tackle the infamous problem of pissing in public aka stage fright. If you listen real close at one point my man compliments my package. Not so great with the sound quality I was a little jealous of my mans freedoms last episode that I wanted to try the bluetooth and walk around, turns out my headset was shit, but we still have some very informative content. 

YnotPod Ep1? The EBT Blues

Being a disciple of Kevin Smith, he tells us to podcast, anyone can do it. Well maybe not everyone should by the sounds of this but its sorta like that dirty sock under your bed, your disgusted by it but cant live without it.  Sound is a bit choppy but a fun first effort. This actually started with a game of clash of clans, ya the stupid mobile game, then after watching our stream i figured it would be fun to turn this into an ep1.